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Part 1: So you got a Chakra Bundle! Congrats! Here's what to do with your pocket stone.

The Chakra Bundles curated by Bones' Soap Co. include a pocket crystal, a sample of flower essence, an essential oil gemstone roller ball, a palo santo stick and info about one of the seven major Chakras. Here is what to do with your pocket stone and instructions to make a gemstone elixir. Heads up: I use "stones," "crystals" and "gemstones" interchangeably throughout my writing but there are subtle differences to rock hounds and crystal fans. Knowing this read what you will given your stone/crystal/gem of choice.

First a little history, the use of healing stones, herbs and nature's gifts goes back more than 6,000 years to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia. They were used in Ancient Egypt, in India throughout the Hindu and Buddhist cultures and by countless other peoples around the world. Stretching back, as long as there have been humans there have been cultures utilizing what nature provides, it simply made sense. They were connected to and a part of the hum of the natural world. This knowledge has in large part been lost to the Western world. While crystals and other alternative healing do not replace modern medicine for certain things, how is it not a good choice to use these tools in our day to day preventative care? They can help us stay balanced and happy which has a positive ripple effect throughout our physical and mental vibrational state.

Pocket stones can be carried in a pocket, bra, hat brim or other spot where its vibrations are close to the body. Try to align a given stone with its corresponding Chakra or at least meditate on its helpful effects when placing. Choose a mantra and set an intention for what you need to focus on that day; be it healing, cleansing or forward motion. Throughout the day you can reach for and hold your stone, absorbing its vibrations and repeating your mantra.

Everything is vibrations. We, as intelligent beings, can change the frequency at which we vibrate using tools including but certainly not limited to crystal work, food/drink choices, daily movements, flower essences, essential oils and breath work. When you look at the fact that we literally build ourselves from that which we consume, doesn't it make you want to take in all things more consciously? The power of your elevated mind changes the way you see your world, opening the Third Eye. The crystal or other natural element used is simply a tool to activate the part of you that will move forward with positive changes.

In your Chakra Bundle you may have received a pocket crystal also suitable for making an elixir. First: always get to know your stone. What is the Mohs Hardness Scale score and is it safe to submerge in water? Some stones may be too soft to put in water (examples: selenite or azurite) and will be damaged. Your stone must be at least a 5 Mohs hardness. Others can leach dyes, chemicals, metal or toxins into your water (examples: malachite and aura quartz). Beware dyes or sprayed on rainbowy aura coverings, these may be pretty but will release into your elixir possibly causing damage over time. Simply keep these in your pocket or on your alter, use them in your meditation or other practices.

Know your stone. If you have determined your chosen stone is safe, proceed.

Recommended stones for elixirs are:

Clear quartz to cleanse the Crown Chakra

Amethyst for the Third Eye Chakra

Blue lace agate for the Throat Chakra

Rose quartz to open the Heart Chakra

Tiger Eye for the Solar Plexis Chakra

Carnelian for the Sacral Chakra

Obsidian to ground the Root Chakra

To make a crystal elixir:

*Rinse your stone in clean, flowing water. Visualize the negative energies leaving and running down the drain. Pat dry and set your intention, it may help to sit and meditate with your stone for a few moments. You can take a minute to journal out some thoughts or make a quick art piece revolving around any emotions that are revealed.

*Place your crystal in a glass bowl and cover with spring water. I suggest spring waters because of the minerals they contain, try several and find your favorite tasting one. Distilled water has been striped of anything beneficial and tap water contains who knows what.

If your chosen stone is not suitable to soak but you really dig the vibrations that you receive from it an alternative method is available: Place the stone in a small glass jar and then into your bowl, fill the outer bowl with spring water up to about one inch below the lip of the jar so that the stone remains dry.

*Set this preparation in direct sun or the full moon for several hours. The vibrations will be transferred to your water, subtly changing to on a molecular level. Some say that the water tastes softer, more healing after this process. I believe it is because the vibrations change your personal frequency on the way down and throughout your body, aligning your hum to that of the stone.

*Strain into another vessel in case leaves, dirt, etc. have fallen into your infusion.

*Enjoy your infusion within 48 hours OR make a "Mother Elixir" preserving the vibrational qualities for later use. Either way the vibrational qualities of even the mother elixir will begin to dissipate so use within a week or so.

Making a mother elixir can be done one of two ways, you just need a dark glass dropper bottle and some simple supplies. A) Preserve by adding a few drops of vegetable glycerine and top with infusion. B) Fill 1/3 of the dropper bottle with an alcohol such as vodka, top remaining 2/3 with infusion.

Dosage should be 3 or 4 drops, three times a day. Water a mother elixir back down for uses aside from oral dosage. Do this by adding a few drops to a glass of water and allowing a moment for the vibrations of the stone to align the new water. Send good energies into the glass and picture what your desired result may be.

Your elixir can be added to beverages, room or body sprays. You can anoint yourself, pets, plants or cleanse other crystals. It can be added to a bath or home made cosmetics... Really anywhere you use water you can use this intention filled infusion. Mindfully explore what resonates with you and your daily practice or ritual. Then share with us what you have found!

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