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Welcome to Bones'...

Welcome to the fam! You may know Bones' Soap Co. for the soap but did you know we do and make a whole lot more? Heck yeah, buddy! That's just the tip of the iceberg. Let's open the conversation. Let's talk about essential oils and crystals, how they and other nature given tools can make your life more enjoyable and maybe a little smoother day to day...



Did you know that we are all vibrational beings?

Everything we put on our skin, eat and allow into our personal environment effects our vibrational state. We literally build ourselves with these thing so shouldn't we take a look at what we are surrounding ourselves with and consuming?

Take a good long look at the products in your shower. The boxes of processed food in your pantry. The chemicals in city water. The social media that is consumed en mass every day. Where can we make cleaner choices? One thing may be the products that you choose to put on your skin, can they hold a better vibration? Are they made with skin health or the environment in mind? We happen to believe that humans can do better, that big business does not hold the reins of our lives and that little choices add up to huge changes in commerce. So use your buying voice to make a change.

Our journey as Bones' began with changing the way our family looked at skin care. My husband had a skin condition that required us to remove all synthetic fragrance from our home and beauty products. Essential oils became a great way to add beneficial scents back into our day to day. Then I went down the rabbit hole... There was suddenly a new all encompassing way of looking at the world, of what each essential oil can do for your body, mind and spirit. Some are uppers, some calm; some cause rashes while others soothe. His skin has since cleared and our love for natural, thoughtfully made products continues to grow.

At a thrift store one day a book about vibrational healing literally pulled me across the aisle and opened my eyes to another layer of our world. Food and drink became additions to my own little universe, I opened up more to the individual resonance of stones and took a deeper look at what I consume mentally and emotionally, physically and topically.

As we have implemented these changes in our own day to day and seen tremendous benefit, I began to feel a pull to share any knowledge I can find with the lovely people who buy Bones' products, the people of Wilmington who make it out to art markets, the community that has supported us for the last four years.

Nature has provided everything we need if we can only slow down to listen and relearn what has been lost. The vibrational healing power of these tools is real and has been proven over millennia. Ancient peoples used stones to heal, herbs to calm and the sun to cleanse. This is not a new movement but rather a reemergence of forgotten knowledge. While modern medicine surely has its place for certain ailments, a more natural approach is looked to first in our house. As we learned and evolved, I realized Bones' Soap Co. must evolve as well. We can no longer just focus on bar soaps as we find more and more ways to help people heal. So Bones' will grow and offer new soul deep products as we know more and as always this is a conversation so share what are discovering as well.

Do not hesitate to reach out with questions, insight and inspiration at Never stop mindfully exploring.

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