Our version of Neosporin for minor cuts, scrapes, acne scars and abrasions. This is a medicine cabinet staple. Apply a small amount of this antibacterial cream to the injured area for quick healing. This salve may also help smooth acne old and new and firm aging skin.


Ingredients: Coconut oil (antibacterial, moisurizing), almond oil (soothing), beeswax, tea tree oil (antibacterial, anti inflammatory), lavender (antibacterial, anti inflammatory) essential oil and frankincense (relieves pain and prevents scaring) essential oil


Information given above does not claim to work miracles, this is what has been gathered in my personal studies of essential oils. If serious health conditions are involved please consult your doctor before using any product. Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients. Do not ingest. 

First Aid Salve