We are vibrations. There are times in life that those vibrations get a little off. Within these new bundles we have attempted to take our growing knowledge of chakras, crystals, flower essences and simple elixirs and curate it into an easy to understand starting point from which you can start to heal. Each drawstring bag includes:

A pocket crystal

Flower essence sample

Gemstone roller with essential oil blend

Palso Santo

Information of how to use the items, how to make a crystal elixir, journal prompts and more. Each curated to help one of the seven major energy points within the body.


Root: Courage

Sacral: Balance

Solar Plexis: Growth

Heart: Loss

Throat: Voice

Third Eye: Inspiration

Crown: Gratitude


Again these are tools to propel you into a journey of vibrational wellness, you must listen to your body. Hear the subtle cues it gives you and adjust. Your resonance changes more than your outfit so tune in and listen to the whispers, what you truly need and what Greater Source is leading you toward.


Any questions or to have Sara help you choose the right bundle for you, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'll start the conversation and get you tuned in.


Chakra Bundle

SKU: ChB01