Embrace you inner moon loving goddess.

Everything is cyclical, every month ladies have to deal with cramps and cravings and every month we pop a pill to get through the pain. What if there were a natural topical balm based on the magic of essential oils to alleviate cramps instead? 

Goddess salve is made with this time in mind to boost mood and ease cramping. Apply a small amount of this muscle relaxing cream to abdomen area and massage into skin. Also try on leg cramps or "wow, I slept wrong"s. Remember that theraputic massaging touch is as important as the balm. Use with healing intentions and give the sore muscle proper attention.

This listing is for a 1 oz. tin of salve however 4 oz. tins are available upon request, just reach out.

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil (moisurizing), avocado oil (penetrating), beeswax, ginger, clary sage, camphor, cedar, geranium and lavender essential oils.

All of these healing essential oils bring their own benifits to the table but teamed up they create a whole new level of "Ahhhh, yeah, that's betta."


Information given above does not claim to work miracles, this is what has been gathered in my personal studies of essential oils. If serious health conditions are involved please consult your doctor before using any product. Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients. Do not ingest. 

Goddess Salve